All about intraocular lenses

Jan 31, 2021, in Intraocular lens info by admin
All about intraocular lenses

There are a myriad of things that can adversely impact the quality of our vision and the overall health of our eyes. In many cases, sight may become so affected that the only option is to remove the natural lens of the eye.

While there are several types of conditions that can lead to the removal of your lens, when this step becomes necessary you’ll need something to replace it and that’s where intraocular lenses (IOL’s) come into play. Today, we’re going to talk a little about what these lenses are and how they help patients see better in the long run. Let’s jump right in!

What are they?
IOL’s are medical devices that are designed to replace a removed lens in your eye due to a condition like cataracts or myopia. They’re applied during a process called refractive lens exchange, which is a fancy term for a lens replacement. It’s become popular with doctors as an effective alternative to LASIK.

Not too long ago, patients were faced with only a limited choice in replacement lenses, but now there are several types available, each of which can address a few or a variety of issues depending on what the patient’s needs are.

What makes them so great?
For one, IOLs improve your vision. We take things like sight for granted, even those of us with glasses and contacts and when visual impairment becomes real, it can be quite disorienting. Fortunately, these treatments are more successful than ever before, allowing us to leave our blurry past firmly in the rear view.

In addition, IOLs are a great choice for patients with Presbyopia – a degeneration of the eyes that is caused due to the elasticity of the lens hardening and becoming less flexible. In very plain terms, your lens stiffens up and doesn’t focus the way it could on nearby objects. IOLs, particularly premium IOLs can be used to help improve close-range vision all the while maintaining someone’s otherwise good eyesight at long-range.

Most important, these lenses are mostly customizable, meaning you can both find a lens that fits your needs, or one can be customized to meet them. With a wide range of premium IOLs available, you can find a solution for almost anything.